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About LifeAID

The founders of LifeAID--Aaron Hinde and Orion Melehan--first met in a Crossfit® Box in Santa Cruz, California in 2010. At that time, the Box was called CrossFit® North Santa Cruz, later changed to Maxim and today is, CrossFit® Scotts Valley. Orion was a Certified Financial Planner in town and Aaron was a Chiropractor who happened to work with many of the local athletes. From this meeting, a friendship evolved which later turned into a business partnership. After months of brainstorming and collaboration, the LifeAID vision was conceived. The two were convinced that there was a genuine need that wasn’t being met by anything on the market at that time. The two approached Erik Gundersen, a longtime friend of Orion's, to join the team as a Creative Director/Graphic designer. It helped that Erik was an avid Crossfit® athlete himself, participating in all the Open events. From there, the team approached David, the owner of CrossFit® Maxim and one of the original CrossFit® Kids, about developing a performance and recovery supplement for the sport. David’s focus throughout the development process was the key functions of elite athletes – cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy. Aaron’s background in nutrition and chiropractic care proved instrumental in helping develop the products, and along with a team of beverage scientists and a biochemist, he led the development of the products. FitAID was born in May of 2012. 

LifeAID now has five specially-formulated low-sugar, high-value natural supplement beverages, and a protein/carb food pouch, each designed to boost performance and speed recovery for people pursuing active healthy lifestyles. 


Our FITAID supplement beverage restore your body as it becomes depleted from intense physical exercise. FitAID was designed to measure up to the exacting demands of the elite athlete. The number of sports drinks and functional drinks on the market today is nearly endless, but do any of them really live up to their hype? FitAID is different because it is a product that delivers on its promise in a huge way. The FitAID team created a unique formula that enhances athletic execution and speeds recovery. Not only did we create a supplement that actually improves performance, but we also made it paleo-friendly, gluten free, and natural. Oh yeah, and it’s delicious and refreshing too! FitAID contains no sugar alcohols, no Sucralose, no Aspartame, no High Fructose Corn Syrup, and no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. A 12 oz can of FitAID contains only 9 grams of sugar (derived from low-glycemic-index raw organic blue agave and stevia) and has only 45 calories. FitAID is the drink of choice for athletes serious about achieving excellence.